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In this game, you play as one of the last living persons on earth. You have 10 minutes to talk to others, look at the beautiful world a one last time, until the sun will destroy everything with it's explosion.

I hope you'll like it!

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Tags3D, ambience-horror, Horror, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer


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Why Is The Sky Red is a walking simulator that's based around the idea of only having 10 minutes before the world ends. This concept can be a very thought provoking one, however the execution of it within this game leaves much to be desired as most of the NPCs you can interact with will only give you one-liners that, while definitely things that normal humans would ask, feel very shallow due to the fact that there are never any answers; most NPCs will just ask questions, but there's never any interactions between them and your character. Even if there are two NPCs near each other, there isn't any dialogue between them that feels human. The more you run into NPCs, the more you realize that what's missing is the response to the call that is being made.

The visuals of the game are very basic, but strangely enough, that adds to the weight of the end of the world and the question of "does anything matter at this point". Even walking around the city as the sun slowly sets and nothing but darkness remains felt really impactful, however the 10 minute timer ends up being a detriment (you can talk to all NPCs and walk around the city multiple times in 7 minutes)

All in all, this game is thought provoking in the fact that you must ask yourself difficult questions at the end of time, and while it does have the atmosphere to accent that, the lack of humanity in the NPCs' interactions leaves this game feeling like it was half-baked.

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Thanks alot for this amazing feedback! Just wanted to point out: If I would have to make a remake, now, almost 2 years later, it would definetly make the game 5x better! And also, because this was one of my first games.

No problem, and I hadn't even checked when this was initially released when I first played it; I'll have to check out some of your more recent titles in that case! 

love it thank you 

It really had some beautiful vibe to it :)

I like this game :D

Interesting little game, good work :)