A downloadable game for Windows

"After school, everyone suddenly disappeared and you were the only one that was inside the building... You thought..."

Thanks for the game testing,
Lay, CheesyKirah and Lord_Redstone77

Updated 10 days ago
Published 14 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, PSX, school, Short, Singleplayer, staircase
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract the files of "After School.zip" into an empty folder and run the File "After School.exe"

(!!!) If there's a warning from windows saying, "The computer got protected by windows" or something, just press "More information..." and the click on "Run anyway". This is not a virus, but windows thinks so, because the file is not signed.


After School 1.3.zip 29 MB
After School 1.2.zip 29 MB
After School 1.1.zip 29 MB
After School 1.0.zip 29 MB

Development log


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I saw this game last day,but 00:00 am in that time.i get scared lol  I am trying to download it with USB

Amazing! ❤️


Hey man loved the game, tried to do a little something :)

Very fun short scary game, I loved the unexpected in this game, got one very good jump out of me. Can't wait for future games. 

short but Noice , good job 

A really fun game! We need more!

Nice game

Very scary, very unique. The scares were on point, and the gameplay was exellent! I obviously liked it lol, good job dev!

Cool game, stairs section was a bit too long I'd say. 

Short SCP styled type game to a degree. Even when I knew something was about to happen it was still effective. Good work! 

This was a really well made game. Short, but effective! I would recommend! You got me quite a few times.

Thanks kind sir, the first loud noise made me absolutely decimate my underwear, and after that I kept playing and now I've decimated a 2nd pair of underwear, have a wonderful evening

Tbh with you this game felt like a lot of filler. Definitely 087 inspired which is my favorite scp. I can't lie thought the few jump scares did get me so you got me there.

- I would say it did build up the atmosphere.
- Empty schools are creepy in itself
- 087 inspired

- It felt like filler ( as in walk down a stairway nothing happens for a while to go down an elevator)
- Louder doesn't equal scarier.

I would say add one more element. Such as finding a note or unlocking a door to add a little more substance to this game. But since it got me GG lol.

this game was spooky. It was short but I really liked it. The whole vibe was good. And the jump scare got me. nicely done!

The game reminded me of spoopy memories I had staying after school. love the scares that it gave and the small details after the game. Would have loved it more if the stairs weren't so long hehe, but still great none the less. 

Pretty real fear I had back when I was a kid. Didn't enjoy the thought of it! But this was a really great scare, a little loud in some parts though, but was still very enjoyable! And of course, the design of the monster was fantastic! Your game is first up! 

real moment

Nice game


This was a blast, keep up the great work and look forward to more projects from ya



this game needs a lot of work but for what it is its not that bad i just wish it took place in more than 1 staircase. also the audio for the scares was way to loud compared to everything else like the footsteps. speaking of footsteps it sounds like your character takes 50 steps per step but other than these small problems that can definitely be fixed its not a bad concept again i just wish it was more than one staircase

if you want to see my full playthrough of it here it is 

if you checked it out i appreciate you and i hope you have a good day regardless

I got the game this morning and made a video and got it edited. Here is the final result.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘🙏

Hello! Thank you for making this fun game that made me and my sister a totally scary and fun experience!

Here is the link to our video, you can click in to see what a joy your art brought us!

We are a video maker from bilibili, a web like YouTube but in Chinese style, our language may be difficult for you to understand.

Very interesting game!


btw we died because we dont know  what to do after we got in that elevator until it closed by itself, very fun! XD

the buildup was amazing 10/10

A fun and enjoyable short game that definitely catches you off guard.

 The graphics is set in an early PSX style but this does not subtract from the horror experience, the atmospherics are nicely executed and build up fantastically and it really feels like being in a horror movie as you try to escape.

Overall a very nicely done game that will give you a shock despite the lack of playtime , it will be interesting to see how the creator moves on and possibly makes other horror titles with even creepier and scarier experiences.

omg your comment is building tension up for me im kinda scared now lol

Did you play it in the end ? If not just wait until you  do ! lol



hilarious new video up on this you will cry laughing check it out!

I LOVED IT! It was creepy and got me at the end! It is the first game I played.

I don't know why but this game really freaked me out.

Like it literally had me shaking by the time it was over lol.

this reminded me of an Scp game I played, really good game 

BAD THINGS HAPPEN || After school

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Yours is the 1th game that I play.

This was a great atmospheric game, I liked the way that you walked down the stairs and didnt know what was going to happen.

So I downloaded 1.3. I get stuck at the stairs. I can sprint for a good bit, but when the breathing starts, I just barely lets me move at a snails pace. I even tried running it as admin and the same thing happened.

You should be running slower when the breathing starts, but not at a snails pace... Maybe you could send me your specs?

Ryzen 5 3600

EVGA RTX 2070ti

64gb RAM

2tb HDD

My specs have never really caused any problems but I'm not sure.

Yeah, you're right, the spect shouldn't let the game run into any errors.Maybe you can watch one of the people that recorded their gameplay and uploaded it, and compare the speed to yours?

Yeah, I watched it and theirs were fine. I noticed it slowed down but mine goes to a crawl.

hilarious new video up you will cry laughing check it out! 

Those Game Was Awesome I Like The Game Style And The Vibe Of It...

neat game :)

This game got me good, nice work doing this!<3

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