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"After school, everyone suddenly disappeared and you were the only one that was inside the building... You thought..."

Thanks for the game testing,
Lay, CheesyKirah and Lord_Redstone77

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The scares in this game are amazing! well done

Comically slow walking, comically fast footsteps.

I'm glad I got to play this game this year and hope you all have a great Merry Christmas

ta un poco bugeado el  final del juego :/

Buen juego

That was pretty fun!.Thank God i didnt di3 from that creature or i would have to get down all those stairs.Nice game but way too loud

The build up messed with me Lol

That was pretty fun!  Thanks!

Enjoyed this game! That jumpscare at the end messed me up tho... Played this for a 3 Scary Games video! (This game is the 1st one I play)

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Lets go
Let's go friends

After School is a horror game where you're the last one at school, so you decide to take the stairs because it's leg day.  While the first half of the game sees you exploring one of the floors of the school for a few minutes, the game really picks up doing the middle stairs section. Akin to something straight out of an SCP fiction, the farther down the stairs you go, the more intense the sounds get, the lights go off, your breathing gets louder, the stairs seem to just never end, all culminating to the monster of the game scaring you back up the way you came. Upon escaping, you find out that you never really escaped.

This game was deceptively scary; it builds upon the atmosphere of just walking downstairs that it lulls you deeper and deeper into anticipation until playing off of that. While the chase may seem clich茅, the first playthrough will definitely be enough to have you shaken for a bit. The beauty of it is that, because of it's length, the time investment compared to the reward feels justified entirely. For those astute players that take time to search the environment while being chased, you may even find some more of a puzzle to be uncovered through this game (and future games by SirCartaux!)

All in all, for a short horror game, After School does just enough to do what it wanted to do in its short runtime. The game doesn't overstay its welcome, and leaves breadcrumbs for the player to continue an ARG after it's completed

My playthrough:


The game looks simple yet the horror was subtle, though the jumpscare ruined it for me.

And no, I'm just an enjoyer. Not content creator(s).

Interesting game. Quite creepy. Lots of tension.

Holly crap!!  The crazy buildup pays off in grey hairs in the end lol


Played this on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 3rd game I played in the video starting at 18:04!

When I was younger, I found time After School being a fairly creepy experience, so it was a no brainer to try this game! I think overall I found myself pretty terrified with this game and the build up/suspense really did get me in the end. I do feel like there could of been a bit more setup/story to the game to really fully understand the ending. But overall thought it was a creepy experience!

Loved it :D Reminded me of how creepy my school was after hours lol We were certain there was a demon living there xD

Solid game with a really spooky atmosphere. 

Check out my playthrough. 馃槼

Creepy and unsettling, quite literally from you're initial startup of exploring the school. Also nice reference to SCP-087 :D (2nd game I played at 5:06 )

That was Epic but short. 4/5 :) 

This game was a weird one, but I did enjoy the atmosphere and vibes it was giving off. I also enjoyed the last scare, however, I think there's a bit that can be worked on about this game (I talked about it in 20:42). But overall, I would recommend this short horror game!

This is a great short horror game, the graphics really brought it together in a weird way, the last scare especially got me! keep up the good work! 

yoo, i like this game

Game starts at 3:40. Genuinely wasn't it expecting to go the way it did. A disguise for the prize as I'd like to say. The ambiance really added to the experience and the ending Genuinely scared the life out of me. Best of love

Not gonna lie this game got some really good scares out of me for how short it was. especially considering it didn't have to use any heavy suspenseful sounds to purvey the mood. Great Job!
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Can be quite scary at times, though a short horror game. Playtime is around 5-7 minutes.



My thoughts on the game:

  • A bit too short for my taste.
  • I wish there was more to the story.
  • Some of the jumpscares seem cheap.
  • Scared me quite a few times!
  • I assume it took inspiration from that one stairs SCP.
  • For a short horror/scary experience this has been executed quite well! 

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. Great work! :)

Very nice game! I played and enjoyed it! 

Pretty short and neat game, honestly. I wasn't expecting this to have the staircase in it and feel like 087!

I made a video. 1st game.

 i love how scary and deep the game was, like finding codes and takes you to you to a website, hope to see more!

One of my favorite SCP 087 games!

A fun way to spend a few minutes! Gave me SCP vibes in the stairwell, and it got me embarassingly bad with one of the scares.

Nah this game was great dude. It scared me beyond beleif lmaooo

Heres a video I did on the game

Just played the game, and holy crap I felt very uneasy for so long as I was climbing down the stairs. The game may be short but I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, SirCartaux.

The secret code thing went completely over my head.

However as a horror game I enjoyed it! Sh*t my pants going down those stairs, which I've dubbed the staircase from hell.

Check out my video.

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