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This one got really weird... in the best way possible! I will always enjoy a nice stroll through a creepy forest at night (with some very *lively* trees). It looked so good.
I struggled hard at a certain point near the end, I think it was just me being bad, but it was okay because you included really good checkpoints!

As always, I had a fantastic time with your game, thank you :)


Lovely video on the game! 

Very colorful.

Points for creativity, for great scares, fun challenges, and for that wonderful twist/throwback at about the middle of the gameplay ^^ Loved it

Hello! Really appreciated the experience until a little game breaking bug. I managed to click on a camera at the same time as the electrical shutdown, and the game locked me in that visual, couldn't go back. 

This game is hella amazing i rlly love it and was so much fun! Awesome work! :D

amazing game man. really enjoyed

I remember playing your game After School back in February and that game traumatized me, and now you went ahead and gave me even more trauma from this game as well -_-

No but in all seriousness, I absolutely loved this game, and the overall concept is terrifying as well. Being alone in the woods and you're checking the cameras for suspicious activity is truly a bone-chilling thought. I'll be playing playing Filled With Freedom and Hotel Grundow to traumatize myself even further XD

A really trippy style of game, with some good scares and I had a lot of fun working out how to get the secret ending.

This game was such a fantastic horror game. It had a nice classic horror feel and then when it switched to a more surreal horror game it was insane. Great game!

Okay that part where you go through all your previous games was pretty freaking hype. 

I found the hidden Easter egg room that required a code. I tried the YouTube link that was on the electricity box but I wasn't able to find anything, maybe the link didn't work or I typed it in wrong. But I went into your discord and found the code through one of the discussions. Either way I loved your game and I'm excited to see where the arg goes.


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it! Felt like I was playing multiple games at once, and I liked all the parts, yes the fuse box puzzle took me a while to understand but when I did it was actually pretty neat! Good job with the game :)

After School, Filled with Freedom, Under the Woods... They're all connected and feature the same creature, right? 


spooky puzzle :D


very hard to complete the puzzle at the electric box would not recommend this horror game I could not even finish the puzzle after 45 minutes, very dissapointed.

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There are some people, who don't understand the puzzles at all, others who understand it instantly! Very sorry for you, but that doesn't mean you should instantly give a one-star review. I spent much time on this project and because of you, being the only person, who rated this so far, the whole project now has a one star review.

God this game had my butt going 50 cent 5 cent, well played sir can't wait for more!


What started out as a monitoring watching game, really changed fast. I thought I was just going to be stamping paper as the monsters around slowly moved closer. Did not expect the world to become a mix of madness and death sphere, really puts into question what you just played when it felt like reality fell apart.

Loved the nods to your previous three games, really takes you back with After School being 7 months ago. That speedy bush really made me laugh, really was not expecting it to fly by.

Is this still available for download?

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Just updated it, that's why the files were gone!

Awesome! I'm excited to play!!

loved this :D not at alk what i expected lol.

Hi, I'm the tester from the game named Kennie. 

Man, I love the game and its horror atmosphere, I hope this will be blown up someday and everyone will know about this!