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A game that did scare me and i did enjoy 


I am such a fan of your style, I have really enjoyed every one of your games I have tried so far.
This one was so bizarre, it really created a feeling of discomfort I don't normally experience with games. Thank you for sharing your unique creations! (@16:22)

I am looking forward to whatever you create next :)

this one was good,when i found out that it was all a puzzle it blew my mind.

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All endings/secrets :3 So much freakin' fun! Love all the effort put into the different endings and secrets! Went snooping around to get everything lol ^-^

Hey I played your game and it stumped me so hard man. I ended up getting help to find the endings by the time it took tho I was bored. I appreciate the effort tho your insane for it all man big props. Fuck Eric tho for real. Here's my playthrough - 


Nah i need answers bruh lls. great game

What a strange little experience! I really liked the psychological horror loop thing going on, it really made me think! I was so mean to Eric LOL (it was the second game i played in this video!!)

Instead of reading the doors i just impatiently skip-counted until I found 310 and 311 together and found 308 missing. Very creepy. Headphones or earbuds are very recommended!

Could you make your next game about working at a farm?

My next game will be going in that direction!

Was the morse code puzzle DUMDUM HEHEHEHE. Dude, I learned morse code over the span of an hour for this. What the hell lol.

 woow cool game

That lobby music is amazing! Did you make it yourself?

Yeah! There's a full version of it here: 

Nice. Very Gran Turismo like. 

wow, really fun, but very few jumpscares

Hotel Grundrow | لعبة رعب في فندق مسكون


how to get all the secrets:

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The game kept me in constant alert and fear. PS1 style perfectly maches the game. 8/10 scare level.


Got one of the endings, loved the game tho!!!

one of the links leads to a page that asks "what is her name?"

what does it means?


Just enter anything. The real name is trude apparently but no matter what you enter it will tell you how to get the secret


Great third-wall breaking game. This game focuses a lot on the idea of easter eggs. Playtime ~10m-60m depending on full completion or just one ending.

My playthrough (ALL ENDINGS):


My thoughts on the game:

  • The endings are a little random, how come it's walk through door/wall X in level Y and not something a little more senseful such as attempt to open door 307 or something.
  • Who's "her" and how do you exactly figure out her name? This did not come clear to me at all during my playthrough.
  • The elevator doors and bathroom door don't close fully.
  • Generally it's a better idea to have the elevator stationary and give the illusion of movement, such as moving the player 50y units up before the elevator doors open. This is due to the glitchiness of being on top of fast moving moving stuff. (Many big games use this)
  • The game feels like it targets the player more than the character, it might've made more sense to bring out a story that solidifies it's a game.
  • I really liked the graphics and sound effects.
  • What does the morse code entail? The game is completely beatable without figuring out what it means.
  • The secret 5th ending is very very random. xD

Overall, I really liked the game and it was really enjoyable exploring and figuring out all the easter eggs present. Great job!

Goof jerb. I mean "Good job". I speak human just like you. Much enjoy.

Finding secrets in this game is going to be hard I only managed to get only two But i will admit your jump scares got me good keep up the great work!! i played your game second 


3 scary games #4

Very challenging but definitely worth it! I had a lot of fun playing too ^^ Didn't stop 'til i got 'em all. The secret was one of the first things i noticed but i had so much trouble getting to it because i couldn't actually do the scavenger hunt. I probably typed something wrong though if everyone else could do it, idk.  

The jumps-scares got me good and reminded me this is indeed a horror game but that first one omg- :') 

I'd say my favorite thing is at one point the speakers are gone from the lobby and yet the lobby music got louder, like if its in your head. Im still curious about the bathroom since you can peek a little in it but im going to assume its nothing but space..

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Whenever i tried to search the links this keeps popping up for anyone curious ig? Edit: Fixed spelling 

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


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Probably you typed https:// at the beginning instead of http:// ! 

Thanks alot for the great feedback! 

Yup! That was it! Thank you for replying and letting me know haha. Ill need to watch out for that in the future :')

No problem! Thanks for the great game <3

difficiult find way

I liked this game. The confusion of room 308 missing and being stuck in this loop mixed with the horror you experience on the way brought me into a state of paranoia and anxiety. This video game felt real.

Played the game on my channel! I really liked it! Real curious about what the other endings are...

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I was wondering why there is no room 308 in the first run ;-)

Good game. The creep factor in this game was way too real.

thought that this game only had 4 endings but now I found out that this game also has a secret ending. I'm not sure but I think the last ending that I found might've been the secret ending ? 😂 Ether way I found 4 endings and Im happy with that ! This was a fun game though , I love games that make you go to a webpage for clues. Great job !

i completed the game and got all 4 endings,very unusual game and it was a nice puzzle to have fun with

Has anyone modified this game?

I found a secret and a link to a website but its scribbled and i cant figure it out.

The mystery and puzzles were spot on unique. Jumpscares got me good. I highly recommend this game. So did my twitch community as well. Great job cant wait to play more from you.

This was pretty good, do not understand how you would get the other 3 endings as it seems like a very linear experience, so only got one ending. Made a video on it.


I am having trouble finding the 2nd and 4th ending.


I finally found the 4th ending!


I finally found the 2nd ending!



I finally found the secret ending!

You got me real good with this game! Not sure what I could do to get a different ending, but this game was really good. Well done! 

Good and interesting game. 

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Ending 2 =D

Ending 3 =D 

Ending 4.


why is this game just like hotel stories in Roblox?

Well, it's scarier than hotel stories so I recommend this game.

This game is great! Skillfully combine the website to use the game. It's terrible to live in Room 308 in this hotel!

This was a creepy and bizarre game. Great work! 

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