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I loved it. may or may not have almost crapped my pants.

I had fun playing and enjoyed the tension. Just the right length for a quick horror gaming session.

I really enjoyed playing this one; it's fun, short, and has beautiful sound effects.

'Good with shaders!'


Solid game. The area under the house could definitely have been expanded a bit and I'm not sure what the purple lights were. Unless I missed some explanation, maybe the purple lights would be better if they were replaced with something more thematic. Overall a fun experience that just could have used a bit more content. I would love to see an expanded version and I'll definitely be checking out your other games!

The new house has a strange hole

I enjoyed watching the creature after the game...

Espetacular jogo de perseguição que não é chato! 

Played this in our most recent Horror Pack, it was entertaining the whole way through. We should have known better than to trust Christian! Glad we checked it out, our playthrough starts around 18:19

bravo nice but jumpscare want to scary


Great game, but jumpscare isn't scary.

My eyes... I almost got epilepsy

I really enjoyed this game a lot! It's short, but after recording this video I still played four more times. It has a crazy atmosphere!

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I really liked it.  It wasn't very easy, but I liked that.  It gave it a bit of a challenge.  For a short horror game, it was really good


cool short horror game! i love it 

Gran juego, mira el video!

I am wondering if Grandma and Grandpa knew about the extra square footage underneath their house!! 

Really cool experience! I like it!

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wow interesting creativity. you guys should upload your games to the play store and make some ads appear when players die.
good continuation.
try to play my game.

Another Island by PurplePanzer (

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This is one of the best games ever seen on P.S: There no easy way to quit the game in Linux, please fix! ;-) 

For a short game I thought it was pretty good 👍


I actually can't believe how scary this was! It was such a simple game and storyline, yet somehow the dev managed to make it genuinely terrifying, so well done!


I adored the graphics of this game, very cozy, what a sunset! Of course, until I was rudely interrupted from relaxing after a long day of work... (@16:05)

I will definitely be trying more of your games, thank you!

Honestly? In this day and age? If you can inherit a house, you take that chance.

Can you talk to him? also why is the channel name the phobia of knees?


Very cool :)

Nice little horror game! Even if I am too stupid to understand where to go sometimes lol

come now every crewmate let me hear you sing it with me red is sus yeah red is sus

very good game! creepy as hell! jumpscare wasnt really too scary but rest is really good! keep up the good work

red is sus yeah red is sus 

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

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When you complete the game then it gives a link on the wall (that link redirecting to on the bottom of the image is the morse code -.-. .- .-. - .- ..- -..- .-.-.- -. . - -..-. .-- .- .-.. .-.. which translates to, which is a page on the creators website, the page is broken... please fix it

EDIT: The creator (as you can see in the replies) informed me that the link is actually, It leads to a QR code that gives us Now though the video is weird, something else is also weird, the title and description is encoded, Specifically in Hexadecimal (BASE16). Decoding the title gives us "Allwch chi siarad ag ef?", and the description gives us "Tomorrow". i tried multiple different ciphers, but none of them gave a comprehend-able sentence, so now i need more help to decode this.

You have to write the /wall in uppercase, so /WALL

Here's a some gameplay if your stuck!

Thank you, your game is very good.

mua 5 estrellas

buen juego

very good short horror game would def. recommend and playm ore like it!!\

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